Monthly Archives: March 2016

March 2016

We are in full swing for the 2016 planting season.  Seed trays are all over the place.  Seed packets and catalogs  are stacked on the table.  The whiteboard is all scribbled with to-do and reminder dates for planting, markets and projects we must finish.

Our hoop house blew down last year in a windstorm and we are rebuilding the replacement in a fever pitch to enable us to use it for the early Spring vegetables.  This year, we are planning to use tighter planting densities using the intensive systems pioneered by Elliot Coleman and Jean-Martin Fortier.   We will be using 30″ rows and 18″ paths and a two-wheel tractor versus the larger four-wheel tractors.  This should enable us to grow more (and better) produce from the same area.

We ordered some unusual varieties which should have a nice eye and taste appeal this year. Last year’s experiment with the Sakata Sweet Melon and the Charentais was a qualified success. We are adding the Black Brandywine tomato to the mix and hope you like it.