Monthly Archives: April 2016

May showers bring June flowers?

Maybe it’s just me,  but March used to be the windy month.  April seems to have taken over that job lately.  We had a dickens of a time getting the plastic covering on our hoop house.  But, we finally have it attached.  It is taking a pounding from the wind right now, but so far, everything is holding up well.

We had our first market day in Lee’s Summit and the weather and turnout were excellent.  We met lots of old and new friends on Saturday.  At this time of the season, our products were limited to farm fresh eggs and dried mushrooms.  The dried mushroom powder seemed to be well accepted.   Next market day we will have some fresh Lion’s Mane mushroom to share as well as the dried.

In the greenhouse, the tomatoes, cucumbers, lettuce and spinach are growing.  A few more things to tidy up in the hoop house and we plan to plant the tomatoes and cucumbers in there for an early start in the protected environment inside.  Wind can take a heavy toll on tender tomatoes, so the protection from the wind should let them get a good headstart on the season.

I have been busy out in the fields getting the raised beds in shape.  It’s lots of work.  But I think it will be worth it in the future to have permanent growing beds that don’t get walked on and have plenty of drainage.  Last year’s heave rains literally drowned a lot of out plants.  Improved drainage from being in a raised bed should prevent that in case May turns out to be as wet as last year.  As busy growers, all we can do is plan and work.  We have to handle whatever weather may happen and adjust as best we can.

Peppers are up in the greenhouse.  The kale is looking healthy and the lettuce (replanted after a mouse discovered the joys of fresh salad) is starting to grow.