Monthly Archives: May 2017

Perennial Gardener’s Complaint

The weather!  What’s up with that?  This year has been equally frustrating even though we actually had ‘April Showers’ in April.   And May.   Mud prevents us from planting when we should and harvesting when we otherwise could have.  Deep mud can suck the boots right off your feet!  The good news is that that Leeks have not minded the mud and the radishes are coming along.  The Hakurei Turnips are holding their own and merely waiting on some sunny weather to resume their growth.

And the weeds – yes, as always.  This year we are trialing the use of woven ground cover (geo-textile) as an alternative to black plastic mulch.  This stuff lets in air and water but blocks weeds.  The best part is that you can reuse it year after year.  We hope.  So far so good – the fabric below is on its second year.