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Drive Through Market May 9


This week we will have:

Chestnut mushrooms,  Lion’s Mane, Pink Oyster, King Oyster, and Shiitake mushrooms.

We are taking preorders by email to:

The mushrooms will be placed in a brown paper bag with your name on it. We invoice your order via Square to avoid handling cash. Notice: Please pay the invoice AFTER you get your mushrooms. The mushroom man requests that if you pre-order your mushrooms, please don’t offer cash or credit card. Just pay the online invoice so someone (me) does not get confused.

Drive by, say your name, grab your bag and go on to the next vendor.  Now, the exciting new news is that the week after on May 16 will be a walk-through market! You’ll have more time and can avoid the stop and go driving. Social distancing will be in place. We request that you and anyone with you be wearing a mask. We will be also. Those showing up at my stall without a mask will be asked to move along. I think that’s the fair and safe way to do it.

We are in Stall #31 this week. Same spot – different number.

Drive Thru Markets?

This year, we’ve have been yanked around like a Yo-Yo on a string.  If it isn’t one thing, it’s another.  I’m not even going to name what it is, but you know it well.  We ramped up our production plans for record harvests, then had to ramp  right back down because of markets not opening.  Then back up to play catch-up so we could offer you mushrooms tomorrow!  That can get exhausting quickly.  If you know anything about mushrooms, you know they don’t like to be hurried – or slowed down!

On Saturday, April 25, the Overland Park Market will be opened as a Drive Thru Market at a new location. The Overland Park Convention Center Parking Lot will be turned into the area’s first drive through market. This means that customers can drive through the lot and stop at each or selected vendor’s booth for preordered or for quickly selected products. The emphasis is on vendor and customer safety.  For this reason, customers will receive their products through the driver’s side window and will not get out of their cars.  This will be awkward and not nearly as personal as we like to be.

Here’s how it will work with us:  For preorders, the customer will drive up and call out their name or order number and we will bring it to them.  Those who have already ordered will be able to drive away immediately to the next booth and we will invoice them via Square invoice by email.   New customers will be able to purchase product with exact change, market tokens or by credit or debit card using my Bluetooth-enabled card reader.

This is the first time for all of us with this drive through format so there may be some hitches or slowdowns.  Please be patient. Please kind and wave to the Mushroom Man.

Saturday’s mushroom offerings from Dragonfly Farm include: Chestnut mushrooms (Pholiota Adiposa),  Black Pearl, a kind of cross between a meaty King Oyster and succulent Pearl Oyster – very nice and meaty taste. We should also have some Blue Oyster mushrooms.  There will be a very limited amount of Lion’s Mane and Pink Oyster.  A few lucky customers will get some Shiitake (say it right – She E Tah kay).

How to get in on this:   Send an email to and tell us what you want.  If we have it, it’s yours on Saturday and we’ll invoice you later.

The Tasty Freckled Chestnut Mushroom – Pholiota Adiposa