Monthly Archives: February 2021

I saw a robin today!

That usually means that Spring is getting near. But it is 2021 after all and who knows what the weather will be like.

Just a quick note to update people on mushrooms, eggs and produce.It’s been rough for producers what with storms, arctic freezes and then the regular ‘stuff’. We have managed to make it to several winter mushroom drop offs this winter but the 14 degree BELOW zero temperatures finally froze up our fogger tubes. Humid air and super cold temperatures don’t mix – very well. The result was a 4″ line fully blocked by thick, hard frost. That meant no fresh air, no humidity and no mushrooms. We are hopeful for a new flush in a couple of weeks if all goes well.The chickens are starting to lay eggs more regularly so there should be (cross fingers) enough for the Spring market. After losing one hoop house to heavy snow and then the other one to a small tornado, our produce has been on the back burner. I have the next hoop house mostly framed in and waiting for decent weather to finish it. Yes, it’s like “One MORE time!” So hang in there for more updates as we get closer to market opening.