Pink Oyster

The Pink Oyster mushroom is a very unique specimen. Start with its color: from pale pink to deep salmon or coral. Its flavor profile is different from other members of the Pleurotus family kind of hammy or even bacoy! Its unique odor (fishy) warrants our nickname – The Stinky Pinky. Just slick up the whole thing and saute it in a pan of butter. When it gets crispy, sprinkle with salt. It tastes like bacon to most folks. Using smoked salt really pops the bacon flavor. NOTE: the Pink Oyster mushroom will last only 3 to 4 days in your refrigerator. It will stink up your fridge if you leave it in there for too long. A word to the wise. 😉

Hint: you don’t need to BUY smoked salt, you can make your own if you have an outside grill and can use some real oak or hickory bits. Just place a cup of salt in a cake or pie pan and place that in your hot grill with the wood chips. Watch it for a few minutes and you’ll see a brownish cast appear on the top of the salt. It may take 20 minutes but when your wood chips have been consumed let the pan cool. Give it a shake and pour the salt into a container for later use. Smoked salt adds a great BBQ, outdoorsy flavor to many foods!