Mycology Buffs

Freshly mixed blocks ready for sterilizer. Growing your own and need some spawn, kits or plugs?

We can provide some of these for you with enough advance notice.  Be aware that lab work could be involved in propagating your selected cultures. This could take around 3 weeks more or less, depending on conditions.


Dragonfly Farm Spawn Plugs for mushroom logs
Mushroom logs are a long-term commitment.  They need a shady location and moisture.  Logs can take upwards of a year to fruit. Perseverance is the success ingredient that you can add.


Choosing your log

Choose a recently cut log with a length of 3 to 4 feet.  Use a hardwood (deciduous) log about 4 to 6 inches in diameter. Oak, elm, poplar, willow, ash and others are fine.  Softwoods (coniferous) like pine, cedar and fir are not recommended.

If you have a chain saw, you can custom cut your logs. You may be able to contact a tree service that trims healthy trees and ask them for some cut limbs.  It’s best not to use any diseased logs.


Drill, Fill and Seal

The colonized mushroom plugs need to be seated firmly inside the log.  Since the plugs are one and a quarter inch long, you need to drill a hole that is deeper than the plug is long. One and a half inches is deep enough to leave a small oxygen gap at the bottom of the hole.

Choose a new or sharp 5/16 drill bit and mark the depth on the bit so you don’t go too deep.  Masking tape will work okay to mark the depth as long as you don’t mash the tape by drilling too deep.  A dark line from a Sharpie will work well as a depth gauge.

Drill holes about 4 inches apart along the log. Take care the log does not roll while drilling.  Safety first.   20 to 30 plugs should be enough.  Get your mallet, hammer or other pounding object and tap the plugs into the hole. If using a stump, you can drill in a spiral pattern on top of the stump.

When your plugs are all firmly seated, seal the openings with melted wax.  Cheese wax will work well.  A double-boiler or crock pot can serve to melt the wax.  Again, be careful.  Drop, dab or brush on a sealing coat of wax to protect the plugs while your mycelia are working.  Mark your log with a tag showing the date and species you inoculated.

Maintain and Wait

Choose a shady location and maintain moisture on your log(s).   If rain is not consistent, you will have to water your mushrooms periodically so the log does not dry out.  That would be bad. Water is needed for the mushroom mycelium to live and fruit.  Only you can prevent your log from drying out.






Advance Order

Kits, spawn, plugs to be picked up at one of the farmer's markets we serve. Please confirm via email before ordering.