What we grow

This year our selected seed suppliers are Peaceful Valley and Baker Creek.  We selected only Organic and non-GMO seeds.  We prefer open pollinated varieties but some F1 hybrids provide obvious benefits including disease resistance.    Our fertilization program includes compost enriched with rabbit and chicken manure.  We raise our own rabbits and chickens.

Since we do not use herbicides, weeds are a constant battle.  But we feel that weeding (and in fact a complete weed battle plan) is way better than having three-legged frogs and who knows what other ill effects from herbicide laden runoff.


There may be a few insect holes in the produce and we feel that you will understand that these are only test bites made by our quality inspectors. They are a stamp of approval of our pesticide policy.  We don’t poison the bugs and our produce does not poison you. Of course we select the best looking produce to bring to market.


Greens, lettuce, turnips, kale, carrots, cabbage, Swiss chard, onions, melons, pumpkins, squash, tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers and many more goodies.  See the individual pages for variety information.


Fresh eggs from free range chickens are a specialty. See our Special Orders page if you need larger quantities on a particular market day.  Our eggs disappear fast so get there early or e-mail us to save you some. Our Easter Egger’s blue-green eggs are a favorite.