Gourmet Mushrooms

Pink8x10ReishiBaby turkey tailMedicinalChartWe cultivate gourmet mushrooms at Dragonfly Farms. These are available at the various markets or by special arrangement between market dates. This year we are adding Reishi, Turkey Tail and Cordyceps medicinals in addition to our list of gourmet mushrooms, which includes Shiitake, Lion’s Mane, Blue Oyster and King Oyster. Another recent addition is the Elm oyster mushroom.  We are also cultivating Golden Oyster and Pearl Oyster.

For the adventurous fungus connoisseurs we offer mushroom kits on occasion or by request.  It’s really not hard to grow from these kits – the hard work of spawn culture, media preparation and colonization has already been done for you.  Try one!

Shiitake picture
Shiitake ready to harvest
Lionsmane kit
Lion’s Mane growing in a bag
Blue oyster tower
A fine tower of Blue Oyster
Stacked lionsmane growing
Stacks of Lion’s Mane waiting for harvest
Pholiota Adiposa – The Freckled Chestnut mushroom. We grow these ocasionally.