Everybody loves fresh, ripe tomatoes from the garden.  Well, almost everybody, but there are very few who do not relish the sweet, tangy, juicy fruit either in salads or just with a dash of salt.  Warm off the vine is the best.  But we harvest ours and pack them up for the trip to the market so you can have the second best.  Sorry, no salt shakers allowed in the garden.


‘Black Brandywine’ is a variety we are growing this year which is new to us, but a standard nevertheless. Our standard red slicer this year is Big Dena. Our cherry tomatoes include Sakura and Lucky Tiger. We are growing the Pozzano paste tomato and will be comparing that with ‘Amish Paste’ for taste.  We look forward to canning up a bunch of tomatoes for next winter’s feasting.  If you also would like to can some tomatoes, please see our Special Orders page.